Center for Ballet Arts Awards


2011 ACDFA Southeast Region Choreographer Award Recipient – Morgan Leigh

2014 Houston Fringe Festival Director’s Choice Award in Choreography – Morgan Leigh

2015 Showstopper Awards:

2015 Showstopper Double Platinum – Contemporary Solo, Competitive – Noelle Roberts

2015 Showstopper 3rd Place Overall – Contemporary Solo, Competitive – Noelle Roberts

2015 NUVO Awards:

2015 NUVO High Gold – Contemporary Duet – Ashlyn English, Madi Waters

2015 NUVO High Gold – Contemporary Solo – Ashlyn English

2015 NUVO High Gold – Contemporary Solo – Noelle Roberts

2015 NUVO Hip-Hop Scholarship – Brayl’n Crutchfield, Natalia De Leon

2015 NUVO Jazz Scholarship – Maya Lizardo

2016 In10sity Awards

Brayl’n Crutchfield: 4th Runner Up Improvisation & Scholarship to Bridge Dance Project

Elite Awards:
Jr. Duet: Platinum, 3rd Overall, Double Trouble Adjudicator Award

Senior Small Group: Platinum, 5th Overall, Adjudicator Award Judges Pick for favorite dance of the weekend!

Senior Large Group: Platinum, 9th Overall, Contemporary

Sr. Duet: Platinum, 4th Overall, Contemporary

Ashlyn Solo: Platinum, Contemporary

Noelle Solo: 2 Gold, Contemporary & Broadway

Madi Solos: 2 High Gold, Open & Pointe

Maya Solo: High Gold, Broadway

Andrew Solo: Platinum, 7th Overall, Contemporary

Premier Awards:

Contemporary Solo – Jillian: High Gold, 10th Overall

Broadway Solo – Anelise: High Gold, 9th Overall, Star Power Adjudicator Award

Contemporary Solo – Railey: Gold

Hip-Hop – Jr. Duet: High Gold, 2nd Overall

Broadway – Jr. Duet: Platinum, 1st Overall

Debut Awards:

Mini Trio: Gold, 1st Overall

2016 Monster’s of Hip-Hop Awards:

Hip-Hop Duet – 1st Overall

Brayl’n Solo – 3rd Overall

2016 Next Level Awards:

Contemporary Solo – Andrew Nash: Platinum, Judges Choreography Award, 9th overall, Top 15

Improvisation – Andrew Nash, Platinum

2016 Stage One Awards:

Contemporary Solo – Andrew Nash, Platinum, Top 15

2016 Groove Awards:

Maya solo- high gold, 2nd in category, 5th overall

Madi solos- high gold, 2nd in category, platinum

Riley solo- platinum

Get up offa that thing- platinum, 1st in category, 1st overall, judges award (locking for life)

Between monuments- high gold, 1st in category

Railey solo- high gold

Noelle solo- high gold

Brayl’n solo- platinum, 1st in category, 7th overall

Candace solo – High gold, 1st in category

This is CBA’s first Season.
Stay Tuned for More Awards!