1. Choreographic Submissions 

  • Each choreographer can submit up to 3 separate works by filling out the form above.
  • A 4th work can be submitted to be considered if a dance film or short.   If a choreographer is submitting only dance films or shorts then they may use other slots to submit up to 3 dance films or shorts to be considered.  (only 3 will be considered)  If a choreographer wants to submit works for live performance and multiple films or shorts, then they may either fill out two applications with two fees or submit only 1 or 2 works for consideration and the rest as film.
  • Length of pieces must be minimum of 3.5 minutes and maximum of 12 minutes.
  • Each choreographer only needs to pay the $50 fee one time, up to three pieces submitted.  (If the choreographer wants to have more then 3 works considered, then they must fill out the application again and pay an additional fee.)
  • The $50 fee payment is part of the form submission.
  • Choreographers will be notified by Feb. 15th of their acceptance.
  • If accepted, dance films and live works will need to be available as the original files so that we can make promotional videos.  Films will need be available in high resolution files to be shown on the big screen.

We will choose works that are curated for the appropriate flow of the festival.  We consider all of the shows at NTDF to be very important and we choose between many artists. All submissions are highly recommended by our committee.

As we get many photographs submitted, it is important that you change the filenames before starting to submit this form.  This will make our life easier, and let your photographers get  the credit they deserve.

File names should include  at least:  YOUR NAME  (or COMPANY NAME) and PHOTOGRAPHER’s name with words separated by dashes.   If submitting photos of particular works, include the name of the work in the photo file name.

chaos-theory-dance.jpg   (no photographer credits)

Thank you and we are so excited to see what emerges for North Texas Dance Festival  2018!

2. About NTDF – 

North Texas Dance Festival will be held April 28th at TWU’s Margo Jones Performance Hall in Denton, TX. Tickets will be $20 and feature dance artists from around Texas and the surrounding states. 


North Texas Dance Festival strives to become a beloved tradition, where audiences gather to meet new people, discover new and existing dance companies, and enjoy the art of dance as a community. The line-up will feature a variety of styles from both established and emerging dance companies. NTDF fosters performance styles such as classical ballet, contemporary, modern, tap, hip-hop, flamenco, swing, traditional Korean dance, India’s bharata natyam, and many other genres. Our family-friendly performances will run Saturday, April 28th followed by a brief Q&A with the audience.

3. BHDT Audition – Click Here

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