Mission Statement

VAULT Dance Co. Mission Statement

VAULT Dance Co., formally know as Center For Ballet Arts, is a competitive dance company in Denton, TX that offers recreational and pre-professional classes for dancers who are interested in training or performance opportunities. Our mission is to focus on excellence in dance training and in nurturing children and young adults. At CBA students learn patience, persistence, attention to detail, discipline, teamwork and self-motivation.

We work to inspire dancers to further their development of anatomic awareness, precision, musicality, creativity and strength.  VDC students will learn to perform rhythmically with correct technique, face problems with confidence, learn to trust themselves and constantly perform.

We work to provide instruction in diverse and unique movement structures that encourages individual expression and development of a solid technical base.
VDC is recognized as one of North Texas’ up and coming dance conservatories that also nurtures the professional dance community.  We will continue to develop a reputation as one of Texas’ top pre-professional training programs.  Our primary goal is to produce versatile and confident dancers.

When looking at dance studios in Denton, TX or the surrounding areas be sure to consider us. VAULT Dance Company’s exceptional faculty, individual attention, unique in-house academic program, supervised residence program, nurturing environment, and success of its professional staff attracts dancers from around the DFW metroplex and well as from outside.

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