Requirements, Qualifications, & Membership


1. Members in this organization are ages 6-19 years old.

2. At least one parent/guardian for each candidate must be present at the orientation meeting or must contact the Director prior to the meeting if a conflict arises.

3. All members must be on time and attend all required rehearsals and technique classes.

4. Member selection will be based on appearance, performance quality, technical ability, knowledge of choreographic material, and group performance.

5. KDC members are required to audition for selected Ballet Performacnes.

6. It is the responsibility of each member to notify the Director of their absence before rehearsal begins:

6. Dancers must be enrolled in the technique class of which their dance is derived.


1. Through constructive criticism, members must be self-motivated and self-directed so they form their own goals and ways of evaluation in addition to the Director’s.

2. Members must have an open mind as they become exposed to a range of possibilities, including differences in movement style, aesthetics, and subject matter. Members must have on file: application, medical release form, and signed contract.

3. Company Members must have drive and ambition to advance and understand the schedule, discipline, high degree of determination, hard work, and strength that is needed to advance.

4. Company members must demonstrate responsibility by following the rules and directions given by  the Owner and Competitive Company Director.

5. A company member  must understand that any decision made by the director or owner is in the best interest of the company.

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1. Company members must audition each year.

2. Members will participate in all related activities such as conventions, competitions, recitals, and other performance opportunities such as festivals and outreach programs.

3. Members must commit to a full competitive season ranging from June 2015 to July 2016.  Choosing to break this commitment, unless affected by medical or other extreme circumstances, affects all involved members and will result in a fine.  Fines will be determined by the owner and will consider choreography, costume, entry fees, and any additional costs related to that dance.  All financial obligations must be met.

4. Members may be a part of outside activities.  However, KDC must come first except for school mandatory activities.

5. Members are financially obligated for their own required dancewear, costumes, hotels, conventions, competitions and other fees.  All payments are final.  There will be no refunds or exchanges.  All financial obligations must be fulfilled by the established deadlines and cleared by the end of the performance season.

6. Members will participate in all activities in which the organization is involved.  This includes activities that promote team bonding outside of rehearsals.  Exceptions must be approved by the Owner, Morgan Leigh.

7. Company members are allowed to participate in outside classes or workshops as long as it does not conflict with KDC required classes, rehearsals, or performances. Such requests must be approved by the owner or competitive company director.

8. Company members may not participate in additional company teams in outside affiliations.

9. If you are removed from the team for any reason all fees must be reconciled and no refunds for costumes, conventions, competitions or any other company events.

10. The Company Director and Owner reserve the right to remove any KDC member from company at anytime during the dance season.
Costumes will be provided by Suites You Designs and designed by Kathy Brown.  A signed contract between parent and Suites You Designs will be required prior to the first rehearsal.  A $200 deposit to Suites You Designs will be required at the signing of the company contract. This will cover a minimum of two costumes which guarantees your dancer two dances.  The aforementioned contract will be signed after casting and will be the responsibility between parent and Suites You Designs.

Company Dress Codes:

Ballet: Black Leotard with pink seamed tights  All dancewear must be appropriate.

Planned Competitions: 5 Required

Planed Conventions: 3 Required