Center for Ballet Arts Testimonials

  • “Morgan Leigh  is an amazing Artistic Director.  From the moment my daughter step foot into her dance classes she became a different person.  Morgan has taught her how to take her passion for dance and make it grow exceedingly.  She has helped her gain confidence in herself and pushes her to give more than her best each and every single day.  Morgan will do anything and everything to help each of her students to succeed.  As an outstanding role model, Morgan teaches from her heart and soul.  She is clearly passionate about dance and takes that passion to create lifelong dancers.”

    Ivy Roberts
  • “Morgan is a wonderfully versatile and creative instructor that has inspired my daughter to excel in dance. She has shown great interest in my daughter and has inspired my daughter to love dance and strive to be the best she can. Morgan has incredible knowledge, a unique style, and amazing perspective of dance. Morgan understands what it takes to be a successful dancer and her technique is invaluable to all of her students. I cannot speak highly enough of Morgan and her experience as a performer and a student of dance have made her into an invaluable artistic director. I am thankful that my daughter is learning from the best”!

  • “While recommendation letters may sometimes be a chore, such is not the case for this letter. Rather, I am pleased for the opportunity to commend in a formal way; Morgan's accomplishments based on my observation of her over the past couple of years. Specifically, I see Morgan's strengths in the following areas as recommending her for the award: 1) Morgan sets high personal standards and is organized, determined, diligent, and talented.   2) Morgan does an excellent job representing herself, the studio, and the dance world. 3) Morgan's dance achievements and work are a reflection of her high level maturity and responsibility in this woman. She is a very dedicated Choreographer and Dancer. Thank you for the opportunity to share about Miss Morgan. She would be honored to be a part of such a prestigious award.”